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The Bad Axe Construction Difference


Bad Axe Log Homes offer high-quality carpentry of sustainable custom log homes, timber frame homes, and creative deconstruction projects. We are rooted in the history and traditions but tuned with the current. From unique repurposed material to sustainably harvested trees, our designs and construction embody the core principles of strict quality control, a positive building experience, and great pricing.


Let’s face it; you’ll be happy to see us get started on your dream home; at the same time, you will also be ecstatic to see us leave when the project is complete! Because most of our projects are significant in size and duration, we know that wrapping up your project in a timely fashion can often make a big difference regarding your satisfaction, with us as, well as your final project.


Our core values are centered on fostering relationships and building trust while maintaining an earth-minded presence in the construction trade. Bad Axe has a superior work ethic and goes to the greatest length to get the job done right. We like to say that a well-built log home will last for centuries, but one that is built poorly will rot in five.

Lıve In Your Dreams

Bad Axe Log Homes hail from the Driftless Region of Wisconsin; an area steeped in Native American tradition and geological intrigue. Our company began with a single piece of milling equipment and has grown into a multi-faceted team capable of building stunning multi-million dollar custom log homes.

We are the go-to source for sustainable custom log homes, timber frame homes, and creative deconstruction projects.

What you will get

We don’t build one-size-fits-all homes—our priority is working with you to create the perfect home design that fits your needs. Whether you bring your plans or coming with an open mind, we can have pre-developed plans to customize or have us help you create one from scratch; you will have a final design and plan that is one of your dreams.

The Material

Bad Axe is well known for pooling resources and designing homes based on what materials are available. We spend a lot of time curating specialty woods and reclaimed materials others would classify as unwanted and turn them into usable structural and sound materials. We are members of the Log Home Council and are very mindful of waste involved in the industry which compels us to be involved in sustainable tree harvesting and replanting.

The Creative Process

Bad Axe’s creative process is a collaborative effort. Our clients bring their likes and dislike to the table, and we blend our expertise and knowledge to create something truly unique. We make it a point to give our clients a lot of options to create a look-and-feel of their dream home. Most of our clients are retirees moving into the area for recreational purposes like trail fishing, turkey and deer hunting, backpacking and camping. For many of our clients, we’re building their recreational second cabin or hunting shack. Our design aesthetics are a mix of Rocky Mountain and Northwoods (NE Wisconsin) style.

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